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*Sitters may travel up to 1 hour from any of these locations.

Prospective licensee application

**Please submit current resume with application**

Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC is the owner of the trademark: Guardian Angels Sitting Service, associated logo and customized software- pending

A Prospective Licensee Application ("Application") must be completed by each prospective Licensee of a Guardian Angels Sitting Service Agency (GASS). Please allow approximately 45 days for us to review and process your Application. Understand that under no circumstances does the submittal of your Application to Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC, (EAE) and subsequent review and processing imply in any manner Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC intention to approve you as a Licensee of Guardian Angels Sitting Service.
The Applicant shall not be deemed to be accepted and approved by Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC unless and until the full execution of Guardian Angels Sitting Service Contract(s).

No Licensee of Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC, has the authority to waive or otherwise deviate from the foregoing procedures, and should any deviation from the Application procedure occur, the waiver or deviation from the Application procedure shall not be binding upon Earth Angels Enterprise

I, (The "Applicant") am interested in submitting this Application to Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC, for the purpose of the evaluation of my qualifications to become a Licensee to run and operate my own Guardian Angels Sitting Service location

Applicants Personal Data


First M.I Last
Street City State Zip
Length at current address:
Previous address if at current address for less than 3 years:
Street City State Zip
Date of Birth: MM/DD/YYYY
Marital Status: Married     Divorced      Single
Email Address:
Home Phone:   -   -
Cell Phone:   -   -
Business Phone:   -   -

Applicants Education Background

What is the highest level of education completed:
Name of High School:
Year Graduated:
Honors/ Awards/ Special Achievements:
Name of College Attended:
Year Graduated:
Degree obtained:
Honors/ Awards/ Special Achievements:
 Employment History:(should coincide with current attached Resume)
 Please describe the LAST 3 employment positions. Current employer (if applicable) should be listed as most  recent:
1. Name of Employer:
Job Title:
Date of Hire:   Termination date:
Reason for leaving:
Base Salary:
2. Name of Employer:
Job Title:
Date of Hire:   Termination date:
Reason for leaving:
Base Salary:
3. Name of Employer:
Job Title:
Date of Hire:   Termination date:
Reason for leaving:
Base Salary:
 Financial Information:
Base Employment Income:
Over time:
Net Rental Income:
Other (Alimony, Child Support, etc):
Current Total Household Income:
 If you presently own, operate, and/or control a business(es), * we require certified (may be certified by Applicant's signature and dated) financial statements for the past three [3] years, which include a balance sheet and a P&L statement, including cash flow. The information requested must be completed in its entirety in order to process your Application.
*If you have more than one business, please make a copy of this page for each additional business and submit all additional pages with this Application. Please complete this section for all past and present businesses that you have owned or been in partnership with.
Business Entity Name:
D/B/A (i.e., Trade) Name (if any):
Business Entity Type: (Circle One)
Corporation Limited Liability CompanyPartnership Proprietorship
Nature of Business:
Date Business Established:
State Zip
Email Address:
Phone Number:   -   -
Why do you want to become a licensee of Guardian Angels Sitting Service?
What do you feel qualifies you to operate a Babysitting, Pet sitting and Elderly Companionship Referral Agency?
Why do you feel these qualities are strong enough to become a Licensee of Guardian Angels Sitting Service?
Please describe any related business experience.
Have you ever filed bankruptcy?
If yes, please provide the following:
Brief reason:
City /State:
Do you currently have good credit? If no, please explain: please use an additional sheet of paper if needed)
GASS business model supports destination and small historic town locations and local areas populated with families who have children under 12 years of age. Resorts, conferences held at resorts, timeshares, vacation rentals, hotels, and military bases, are examples of markets that support our business model. Please tell us why you believe your planned location for a GASS is appropriate for our business model.
What tools did you use to analyze this demographic information and what specific demographics did you take into consideration?
What skills do you possess that would help ensure the agency would be successful?
Tell us a little bit about your background/ family/ life experiences:
Do you have children?    If so, how many?
Child's first name Birthday
  • Do you have Pets?    If so, how many?
    Type of Animal/ Breed Age
  • Describe any relationship with the Elderly that you may have either in your family or your community:
    Describe any physical or mental disabilities or limitation that would affect your ability to operate a GASS to its fullest potential?
    Are you involved in your community? If so, in what capacity? (Example: Mom's Groups, PTA, Junior League, and Business Organizations etc.)
    Please describe your current or past need and solution for childcare and your ideas to improve and enhance babysitting experiences for your children. Be as detailed as possible.
    Describe where you hope to see yourself in five years in regards to owning your own GASS:
    Newspaper Ad
    Magazine Ad
    Preferred Location
    By state/City, please list your order of preference for the location of a Guardian Angels Sitting Service.
    Proposed Partnership
    Guardian Angels Sitting Service has an Agency Partnership Policy that every U.S. location must comply with and which must be met by any prospective Licensee. Accordingly, please provide information to us on your proposed partnership structure, including each individual and legal entity that will potentially partner and/or have control over interests of the agency and/or hold major management positions in the proposed business. All individual partners will be required to complete a separate Application.
    In addition, please identify a majority partner who will commit to be personally in control of the day-to-day operations of the agency on a full-time basis
    What percentage of the business will you own?
    Name Position/TitlePercent of Total Partnership Active/Inactive
    1.   %
    2.   %
    3.   %
    4.   %
    100  %
    NOTE : Any additional or other individuals with direct or indirect partnership interest in the business must be explained on a separate attachment, and each such person must submit a separate Prospective Licensee Application and be approved as partner by Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC.
    Have you ever been convicted or charged with a crime? If yes please describe the details of the incident (dates, county, disposition etc)
    Have you ever been defendant or plaintiff in a lawsuit? If so, please describe circumstances.
    At any time, has (i) Applicant personally, and/or (ii) during Applicant's tenure, has a business organization that Applicant controlled, owned, or managed:
    1.been convicted (including pleas of no contest) of a crime (felony or misdemeanor),including, but not limited to, crimes involving theft, fraud, embezzlement, false pretenses, drugs, receiving (or concealing) stolen property, forgery, counterfeiting, odometer tampering or extortion? (Do not include arrests not resulting in conviction, youthful offenses, or convictions for minor traffic violations.)
    Yes No
      (Initials)   (Initials)
    2.been found civilly liable for or entered into a consent decree with respect to any consumer fraud, unfair trade practice or similar act or practice, including, but not limited to, misleading advertising and bait-and-switch sales tactics?
    Yes No
      (Initials)   (Initials)
    If the answer is "yes" to any of the above, describe on a separate sheet of paper, to accompany this Application, the circumstances of the conviction, plea, civil order, or consent decree associated with each occurrence (including the date, nature, place and court). These answers will be considered in determining whether to award a Licensing Contract to Applicant. Also, please provide copies of the relevant documents (judgment or consent decree, for example) issued with respect to each occurrence.
    Applicant is at least 18 years of age and either is a (1) U.S. citizen or (2) has the right to remain lawfully in the U.S. indefinitely and maintains a current primary residence in the United States
      Yes, I am a U.S. citizen.
      No, I am not a U.S. citizen; however, I have the right to remain lawfully in the U.S. in definitely, and I maintain a current primary residence in the United States. Please provide documentation of your permanent residency, e.g., copy of your permanent residency card.
    Please provide the following required documents:
    1. Photo of yourself, alone and a recent family photo
    2. Letter from your Bank officer, which explains your relationship with them and validates that you hold an account with them and great banking history.
    3. Character references from Business Associates and personal friends- (not of relation to the applicant) submitted directly from the reference to us, through an electronic form that will be emailed to them. Please list the name, email and phone number of each reference below:
    Character Reference:
    Name Email Phone
    Professional Reference:
    Name Email Phone
    4. Letter to explain your credit worthiness and any credit problems you may have had in the past and how it was repaired
    5. Copy/Photo of your driver's license front and back
    6. Copy/photo of your Social Security Card
    7. If applicable, copy/photo of your resident card
    Any misrepresentation made in this Application shall give Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC the right to terminate any resulting or subsequent Guardian Angels Sitting Service Licensing Contract(s).
    Applicant acknowledges and agrees that he/she is under a continuing obligation to provide Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC with prompt written notice of any and all changes in the information provided herein, so that his/her Application remains current and up to date in all respects
    Applicant acknowledges and represents that all the information provided to Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC by Applicant or on Applicant's behalf, whether in this Application, in the accompanying DataSheets and Schedules or otherwise, is and shall be true, correct and complete to the best of Applicant's knowledge.
    Signature of Applicant
    Print or Type Name of Applicant
    Please submit the $50 non-refundable Application Fee, via check or money order, made payable to Earth Angels Enterprise, LLC. Address to send payment to will be given in separate email.
    *Payment Method for Application:
    Credit Card      Cash      Check
    Credit Card Type:
    A Credit Card is only required if you wish to use a Credit Card to pay the Application/Background Check Fee.
    Visa      Mastercard      Discover      American Express     
    Name on the Card:   Credit Card Number:    
    Expiration Date:   Security Code:    
    Billing Street Address:        
    Billing City:   State:   Zip:
    Applicant is responsible for the payment of a National Background Check, Sex offender search and Social Security Verification as well as the application fee of $50. Earth Angels Enterprise LLC will provide the link to the applicant before the interview is conducted. Applicant is responsible for paying a fee of $20-$25 for the background check directly through link provided.
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