“You’re hired!”- Lessons Learned at an Early Age: Guardian Angels Hires Responsible Teens

Like all teens between 16 and 18, we all struggle to find a job that suits us, something we will find enjoyable, makes us want to go to work, and most of all that lets us apply at this early age. Recently, retail stores in the area have made it almost impossible to work before 18, stressing the fact of “responsibility” not gained before that age. Many of you are probably asking yourself the same questions I was asking myself- Weren’t they aware of those 18 and older who were still less responsible then us- those who didn’t need a job but wanted to take on a responsibility? Or maybe the thought that an interview would help to define the person in front of them rather than a blank sheet of paper, (which couldn’t help them the slightest bit in determining who this person really was). Until I heard about Guardian Angels, I didn’t realize someone would actually take the time to get to know me fully before hiring me- to fully see my capabilities rather than making a decision off a blank sheet of paper.
The owners of Guardian Angels brought an agency to the community that has really influenced my life like no other job I would have (at the age of 18 of course) to help fill this position. Melissa and Christina don’t hire anybody that just fills out an application- the applicant must fill all of her requirements including a one-on-one interview (and no- she does not make you nervous, in fact from the second you sit down you will find yourself talking to someone you feel like you have known forever).
I recently started the college visits and college application process, and I cannot stress enough how much emphasis is put on what your summer consists of. I interviewed with Melissa Monge in Hilton Head Island, SC to gain experience working for a certified company. What better job to put on my college application than one that has required me to be CPR-certified, take a babysitting course, require a background check, and be responsible for children as young as an infant? A job that allows me to learn the responsibility a job consists of and how important communication is with your boss. Like any other company, Guardian Angels host an annual orientation to go over their updated policies and procedures for safe sitting. Each sitter is matched with a family according to the age abilities, talents, and experience the family is looking for in the sitter they are requesting. Guardian Angels want all families to be comfortable with the sitter that is looking over and caring for their loved ones.
For those sitters that become close with the families they sit for, the family has the option of requesting a sitter on their sitter application form in the Sitter preference section. For those of you looking for a job during high school and have not come across the perfect fit, join Guardian Angels- believe me, the experiences will leave you with life-long lessons and memories you wouldn’t find working at the outlets, or a restaurant, or just having a lazy day at the beach- this is something different- something where you “watch over what matters most”.

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