Baby Lotion- What soothes? What Stings?

Your little one has the cutest little baby face….and then winter comes and it gets chaffed and chapped. It is red and dry and you just know it is hurting them. It breaks your heart because you know as long as they are teething there is no end in sight to the drool. I have tried so many products, both natural and not so natural in desperation, and my baby would just scream and cry when I would put them on his little cheeks. I was shocked at this, as they were specifically for baby skin. I have very dry hands in the wintertime and so I decided to try these products on myself and my heart broke when it burned my hands and continued stinging them for a few minutes after I applied the lotion. I finally just found a product from our local health food store. It is Weleda- calendula baby facial lotion. It smells wonderful but most importantly- my baby does not cry when I put it on his little red cheeks. He may not be able to talk to me, but that says it all! When it comes to my baby’s skin I want to use the most natural products available! The Weleda is the most natural I have found, that works- but even that has alcohol in it. I can’t help but wonder if I am defeating the purpose- as I try to soothe and heal his skin, am I drying it out at the same time? I would love to know what products you have used and if you (and your baby) like it! For now I will continue to use the Weleda….but will continue to search for a product that soothes and heals my babies skin….one that is as gentle and pure as he is!

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