A New Perspective- A preview of the Real World: Lessons Learned by a Sitter

I pull into the driveway of a home (after following directions- even though we live on a 12 x 5 island, even locals get lost), and I think about what type of family I will be sitting tonight and what they will have taught me by the time I leave. There’s always something I learn from the kids, whether it’s a new combination to try on your pizza, how to build the empire state building out of legos or how lucky I am with the life I have lead so far without having a life-threatening disease. It always amazes me how a child can be so happy in their own skin, even if they may have just battled a disease that could have ended their life.
Your entrance is always important the second you step in the house (this isn’t nanny 911 so you don’t have to come in with a suitcase ready to crack the whip), but rather with interaction being the most significant aspect. The children always look at you gawking with huge eyes- I mean they don’t know you, so yes- you did this when you were a child too. Luckily, Guardian Angels already sends the sitter the name and age of the children before they get to the job to make the situation as comfortable as possible for everyone. You are this new person to each child- an alien in their minds in fact and they want to discover if you are their new playmate for the night. I have learned speaking to them along with the parents makes them feel they are respected and noticed. Throughout the night, you are like their new friend they met at school and want to show everything to you- from their favorite sippy cup to the “blankie” which now only consists of a few pieces of thread from being carried everywhere. A child often sees an adult as someone they only go to for help, yet being their playmate makes them feel more comfortable and apt to ask more questions. For this reason, Guardian Angels has each sitter bring a Mary Poppins bag to take to each job, which is filled with fun things for the child in attempt to break the ice.
Every family I have met so far in my 14 month experience is completely different from the last. You meet organized, sociable, rushing, genuine-just about every kind of family. The agency has given me this chance to meet people from around America-or even sometimes the world- with different cultures and values. You may walk into a family that values having white noise while a baby sleeps or already having their baby become a mini- vegetarian. No matter what the circumstances, every parent- no matter how unique their attempt is- tries to create the best foundation for their child. These families allow you to see how we all live differently and look at things from a different perspective. It allows us to see how our agency covers everyone’s need-no matter how complex a child’s needs may seem- we always do our very best to suit how the family would like the child to follow through with their rituals.

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