“2011- Babysitting in this Generation”

A Sitter’s Perspective of Kids today
Muhammad Ali once said, “Children make you want to start life over”. When I look around the room I see children playing with complex electronic objects or shows that even I did not have ten years ago growing up. Our world is constantly changing and the mind’s of children are adapting to our growing technological society at a rapid pace. You may think I chose this quote because I wish I had the new X-box game, or the DS, or wasn’t given the chance to watch “The Amazing World of Gumballs” at their age. But, it’s rather because of the mindset and ideas children come up with that frankly, I cannot recall whether my mind was that inquisitive or not. The questions I am asked by the children always surprise me that their little heads (I mean some are really tiny!) could hold such valuable questions. It’s as though they notice our World is so much more complicated than it once was and they need to ask everything they can think of to be on top of things. So I leave you hear asking yourself the same question I ask myself, is it because they know they are going to have to know all of these answers in the future or is it just a silly game of how many questions can I ask the babysitter until she discovers this too is only a complex game?
Here are a few questions children I have babysat in the past have asked. Enjoy these humorous questions and/ or comments. Feel free to post yours as well!
-“So, you have a boss for babysitting?”
– “Will you come back tomorrow? I’ll ask Mommy when she gets home tonight and you can come back and play with me tomorrow.”
-“Will you come back and babysit me when we go home too?”
-“Will you lay down and help me fall asleep?”
-“I like you, your one of my new best friends.”
-“You’re the best babysitter we have had, can you come back next summer?”

Thanks 🙂

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