A New Addition!

On January 27th, 2012 we welcomed a new additon to our family- Emelia Jeanne. Her 2 older brothers have adapted quite well and she seems to be quite comfortable in her new role as ‘princess’ of our family. Shortly after her birth, the boys wanted to know “if she is the princess, then does that make you the Queen?” Yes, and that makes Daddy, the King! “Then what are we?” The Princes! So suddenly, I had everything- a loving husband, two healthy boys, a Persian cat, a Saint Bernard and now….finally, a daughter. My fairytale had come true. This is my life and I have never been happier. Now that the sleepless nights are over it is time to start blogging about this crazy perfect life of mine. I say ‘crazy, perfect’ but things are not always “perfect” and seem pretty crazy at times. I am a dedicated wife to my husband, a stay at home Mom for my three children, a licensed Physical Therapist (with a love for pediatrics and the elderly), I run my own business, take care of a Saint Bernard who acts a lot like “Bethoven” and a Cat who is in kidney failure and try my best to keep up with my house. Sometimes I am just flat out exhausted from cleaning up messes and other times my cheeks hurt from laughing at the funny things these boys say or do. It may not be “perfect” in the eyes of a stranger, but it is my perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. I just try to soak up every moment I can and force myself to live in the moment. I know one day all too soon I will be looking back on the crazy times that left me out of breath and wishing I could have just one more perfect day.

If you too love children, pets and the elderly than this blog is for you- and I hope that you will enjoy reading about my life that has been impacted and blessed by people, young and old and faithful friends with fur. What I write will be real and straight from my heart, and at times, out of the mouths of babes!

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