Help your community and get a free pass to Disney World!

Have you ever wondered how you could help your community but just didn’t know who to contact or who was in need? I was just introduced to a program that allows you to search your area for community volunteer opportunities. I searched my area code and over 300 opportunities came up. Some just want you to do a walk at the zoo, some want donations and some need your time. There were so many to choose from. They all have partnered with Disney World and Disney Land to give those who volunteer a FREE 1 Day Pass to 1 Theme Park. What a great idea! I love it. If you are planning a trip to Disney- why not give a little of your heart and time now and play with your family in Disney later! This is a wonderful opportunity if you have children or teenagers as many of the opportunities allow children of certain ages under 18 to volunteer. What this could teach them could be a lesson that they would carry with them for a lifetime. If you are interested and want more information here is the link! It is a very simple process and the reward is worth every minute of your time!
When it comes down to it the reward here is not really the pass to Disney- I have a feeling it will be so much more than that…it will be the reward that you give yourself that no amount of money can match. It will be the reward that you give the person or organization, by volunteering. It was sad to me to see so many people and organizations in need and at the same time- it gave me a feeling hope as I now know how I as an individual and we as a community can help them! If you do end up volunteering, I would love for you to come back to this blog and tell us about your exerience! I will be sure to blog about my experience once we have completed our volunteer time! If everyone gave just one day…..think about it!

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