Child Proofing Your Home….and your Heart

I thought my bathroom vanity’s were child-proof..until this morning. I had removed all of the dangerous items that I though could ever potentially harm a curious toddler and put them on the highest shelf of my bathroom closet long ago. This morning I realized that maybe I did not do such a great job at removing the things that could be potentially MESSY…. we woke up early and because we had been out late last night at the circus and we were still tired I thought we would relax in bed a little longer…I turned Jungle Book on for my two year old and he was watching it on my bed….I went into my baby’s room to change his diaper for 5 mins…when I came back he was not on my bed and my bathroom door was closed. I knew he was into something!! I went in and he had gotten in to my bobbi brown chocolate brown long wearing eye liner gel and smeared it all over our cream tile…all over his hands, feet and face and everything he touched along the way. There were chocolate brown foot prints all over my bathroom. Now when they say “long wearing” they are not joking around. It took me a long time to get it off of his body and out from under his finger nails. Then I started to work on the floor. I got most of it up but a lot of spots wouldn’t budge…no matter how hard I scrubbed. I was baffled when soap and water, Clorox cleaner and make up remover ALL would not take it off my tile. I started to search for the container of eye liner gel….that is when I found the lid to the fast drying clear nail polish top coat (“Out the Door”) and realized he had dumped that on the floor before smearing the eye liner gel. Finally it came up with nail polish remover. I put him in time out ONLY because he knew he was not supposed to go into my cabinets and he deliberately shut the door to be sneaky about it. When I put him in time out he sat there and said “ Mommy, I am very sorry, I didn’t mean to make a mess…it was an accident. I am going to come over there and give you a BIG kiss and then you won’t be angry anymore and you will feel better. OK?” so he came over, kissed me on my cheek….caressed my face and said…”there, do you feel better now? You are a good girl….I am going to go finish watching my show now”. So as my heart continued to melt I continued cleaning the floor. Talk about pulling heart strings…. Not long after I finished cleaning up the last bit of brown, he said he wanted to go into his room to do puzzles…I was nursing the baby on our bed and so I told him he could go do his puzzles. I was listening to him playing…..for some reason I did not hear the water running or hear him “giving the giraffe soap dispenser a bath” and he proceeded to over flow the sink onto the bathroom floor! When I got in there and saw the flood, I didn’t have the heart to yell…after all he was giving the giraffe a bath. So what did I learn this morning? I learned that you can always do a better job of child-proofing your home- but you can NEVER ever child-proof your heart.

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